About Company of Good

Through its Company of Good strategy, the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) engages organisations to adopt corporate purpose and demonstrate impact across the people, society, governance, environment and economic dimensions.

NVPC is the steward of the City of Good vision for Singapore, where individuals, organisations, and communities come together to give their best for others.


CEO Tony Soh photo
Tony Soh
CEO, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
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I warmly invite you to join us as a Company of Good. NVPC is committed to being your partner on this journey. Feel free to reach out to me or any of my friendly colleagues!

About Corporate and Industry Partnerships Team

Meet the Directors

Tony Lai photo
Tony Lai
Chief Operating Officer
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Sufei Lin photo
Sufei Lin
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Su-Yin Ching photo
Su-Yin Ching
Deputy Director
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The Corporate & Industry Partnerships team enables organisations in the private and public sectors to be a force for good in Singapore. Through working with other industry and ecosystem players, we hope to facilitate more collaborations to bring about positive societal impact.

Corporate Engagements & Partnerships

Cheryl Koh photo
Cheryl Koh
Assistant Manager
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Cheryl Wee photo
Cheryl Wee
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Joanna Cho photo
Joanna Cho
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Jonathan Ko photo
Jonathan Ko
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Kyle Ong photo
Kyle Ong
Assistant Manager
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Stella Lim photo
Stella Lim
Assistant Manager
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Juliana Phang photo
Juliana Phang
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Programme & Capability Development

Kristen Koh photo
Kristen Koh
Lead, Collaborative Impact
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Shirley Look photo
Shirley Look
Assistant Manager, Collaborative Impact
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Samuel Rajkumar photo
Samuel Rajkumar
Senior Manager, Capability Development
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Vinny Natalia photo
Vinny Natalia
Assistant Manager, Capability Development
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Strategy & Ecosystem Development

Joachim Goh photo
Joachim Goh
Head, Industry & Strategy Development
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Matilda Leong photo
Matilda Leong
Manager, Industry Development
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Teh Wuan Xin photo
Teh Wuan Xin
Manager, Strategy and Ecosystem Development
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Matthew Tan photo
Matthew Tan
Associate, Strategy and Ecosystem Development
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Mya Nan Oo photo
Mya Nan Oo
Manager, Business Planning & Analytics
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Joshua Ng photo
Joshua Ng
Assistant Manager, Business Planning & Analytics
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