The Company of Good (COG) Fellowship Programme is back and more exciting than before! As a future Fellow, you will be following in the footsteps of 185 graduates from the last 5 intakes. You can expect your journeys to culminate in becoming Corporate Purpose practitioners, joining the ever-growing and purpose-driven community of COG Fellows.

The Art of Activating Purpose.png

The Art of Activating Purpose

Capability building to enable your organisation to articulate and activate purpose

Simulations & Learning Journeys.png

Simulations & Learning Journeys

Experiential learning to understand the need for change and what success should look like

Profiling & Leadership Coaching.png

Transformational Leadership Coaching

Profiling and coaching to unlock your ability to be innovative and transformational leader

Corporate Purpose Action Projects.png

Purpose-Driven Action Project with Mentoring

An action project that is in line with the intended purpose of your organisation