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Paving the Trails that Lead to a Better Society

Over the years, nothing has grabbed the attention of HR professionals quite like a “safe space”.

Its meaning has no doubt been reinterpreted and, sometimes, mangled into whatever anyone wants to think it is.

Making inclusive places and creating thriving communities

As a Company of Good, Lendlease is leveraging its expertise in building sustainable spaces to make a difference.

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Professionals multiplying impact for business and society

The Company of Good Fellowship not only enables professionals to learn important skills and frameworks to drive corporate purpose, but it also brings people together to create impactful initiatives

A fellowship where one learns to marry social and business objectives

DAVID Ebenezer Toh is chief executive officer of his own events company The Ebenex Group. But he also has a track record in organising youth-related and community events, and has long sought to do good purposefully and sustainably.

PeopleSocietyCorporate Purpose
How businesses such as Jardine Matheson and Fullerton Hotels build on their purpose to become multipliers of good

Large firms with a presence in Singapore and across Asia have been making the most of their strengths to be a force for good

Major companies in Singapore and Hong Kong are being recognised for their positive impact on communities

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Corporate Purpose
Making a meaningful impact in diverse ways

A COMPANY’s corporate purpose lies at the core of its existence, and goes beyond just making profits. It shapes its vision, mission and values, and is integrated with the company’s purpose with its business strategy, helping it to deliver value to all stakeholders, and make an impact by tackling a problem or gap in the world.

Corporate Purpose
Why having a corporate purpose can help companies to create value

There is a misconception that prioritising profits means placing sustainability in the backseat. However, it is becoming clearer that both profitability and sustainability can coexist within any business – so long as company leaders clearly define their corporate purpose, take actionable steps to achieve their goals, and set the right tone from the top.

Purposeful Businesses Leveling The Playing Field

Financial institutions and fintechs—through their core businesses—are in a unique position to drive financial inclusion, enabling marginalized communities to participate in the digital economy.

Soon Su Lin, CEO of FPS volunteering with employees at Willing Hearts.webp
From circular economy to food distribution: These purpose-driven businesses are creating a multiplier effect

Through leading by example, they are making an impact in the community and the environment as they carry out their corporate purpose