There are currently more then two thousands companies in Singapore that are registered as Companies of Good, of which over 140 are Champions of Good — companies recognised as exemplary multipliers in doing good.

Companies were previously assessed by their efforts in doing good, such as volunteering, donation and fundraising initiatives. With the implementation of the corporate purpose framework, the recognition model will be enhanced accordingly.

Central to this recognition system is harmonisation. Existing standards, marks and awards conferred on a company by Singapore government and pertinent and global institutions will be considered. Strategically, this brings about the necessary coordination and integration of different standards, awards and marks in Singapore for companies to be recognised for their holistic contributions at a national level.

In the new recognition model, experts in the respective fields will identify critical areas and provide valuable input on a company’s submission, ensuring the relevance and practicality of the enhanced recognition model. NVPC will be working closely with industry partners across the Five Impact Areas as part of the new Company of Good strategy.

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