Project V is a structured corporate volunteering programme to encourage sustainable volunteering at scale among businesses, in partnership with community organisations.

A collaboration between the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), it is designed to drive change in corporate volunteerism, including increasing the regularity and sustainability of volunteering efforts.  Through this programme, you will be able to boost your employee participation rates and strengthen your commitment to provide direct support to the community/beneficiaries. 


Cultivate regular volunteering

Companies will be able to develop sustainable volunteerism through a guided approach. This will strengthen your operational structure when engaging employees for volunteerism.


Match with community partners

Through curation by NCSS, companies will be able to connect with community partners for volunteering opportunities that meet national outcomes and respond to community needs.


Exchange learnings with other organisations

Project V serves as a platform for knowledge exchange with like-minded organisations. You would be able to learn valuable insights to enhance your impact journey.


Enhance reputation and employee engagement

Gain exposure in the eyes of the public and your employees when you do good, as inspiring stories of supporting the community.