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The event on Thursday (Sep 1) marked the first in-person celebration since Covid struck, and it was held at The Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore with over 300 guests.

Champions of Good was launched in 2017 as a national recognition framework to celebrate such organisations.

The conferment of the "Champion of Good" recognition is organised by Company of Good, under the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

Of the 112 organisations that have been conferred this year, 66 have been recognised over multiple editions, and 46 are first-time Champions.

Among the debutants is Food Playground, which empowers stay-at-home mums to re-enter the workforce by providing them with flexible employment opportunities.

Founder of Food Playground Daniel Tan said: "I am grateful to NVPC for expanding the definition of corporate giving and recognising efforts from social enterprises like us who cannot afford to give monetarily… Companies can only build a good brand reputation by consistently practicing what they preach over time, rather than ad hoc efforts only during the good times."

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, who graced the event, commended the Champions' efforts to help the vulnerable members of society and to rally the support of their staff and stakeholders.

DPM Wong said: "Amidst the pandemic, all of us felt, deep in our bones, that each of us had to do something to help make things better … It was common to hear of senior management taking pay cuts to avoid letting their employees go, employees rallying their colleagues together to volunteer in support of people in need, or companies organising donation drives to help those affected by the pandemic. This palpable sense of collective responsibility was ultimately what enabled us to get through the last two and a half years and be where we are today."

He added that corporate giving increased during the pandemic despite the tough economic conditions. Based on NVPC's Corporate Giving Study, two-thirds of businesses engaged in corporate giving last year, up from 50 per cent 5 years ago.

Seah Chin Siong, chairman of NVPC, said: "The Champions of Good are leading the way towards a more purpose-driven corporate landscape, and by coming together to give their best to those in need, we hope that other organisations will be inspired to embark on this corporate purpose journey as part of their contribution in becoming the City of Good."

CapitaLand is a 4-time Champion and Lydia Ang, head of corporate social responsibility at CapitaLand and general manager of CapitaLand Hope Foundation, said: "To be in line with our corporate purpose, CapitaLand remains committed to enriching lives, building communities and growing sustainably in communities where we operate. Through our philanthropic arm, CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF), we focus on nurturing and inspiring the young, improving the quality of life of seniors, and protecting the environment for future generations ... CapitaLand recognises the importance of collective impact and collaborative philanthropy. We build a common platform and leverage our resources and networks to galvanise our staff, business partners and tenants to join our activities and give their time to do good together, amplifying the direct impact of our contributions to the communities."

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